About Rebelritsi Gundogs

HANNAH REBELRITSI GUNDOGSHannah has always had a passion for the Gundog world and has been involved in shooting and other fieldsports for many years.

Having worked a variety of breeds across Retrievers, Hunt, Point & retriever and Spaniels breeds, Hannah’s heart lies firmly with Hungarian Vizslas and English Springer Spaniels and so Rebelritsi Gundogs was formed.

This passion led Hannah to want to breed the very best Vizsla’s and spaniel’s she could, both fit for function and fit for life. This led Hannah to work very closely with Jeanna from Addaci Hungarian Vizsla’s to get her own successful line going. All parents are  http://shellystearooms.com/fi/contact-us/ fully health tested.

Hannahs work outside the shooting season saw her running a successful animal care and dog walking business in the South East of England, and now working with James training as part of Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training.

img_1895With Hannah, James runs Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training.  With an Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma James sees a variety of dogs and breeds with a variety of behavioural issues from training issues such as recall through to severe aggression issues. As a gundog trainer, James is able to understand the mental stimulation requirements that a Gundog breed needs as well as their behaviour and character traits that are specific to them. For more information about James and Hannah and their training visit their website.