Welcome to Rebelritsi Gundogs

Welcome to Rebelritsi Gundogs which is run by Hannah with James from Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training.

Rebelritsi is the Kennel Club affix for our breeding of Hungarian Vizslas and English Springer Spaniels.

Our goals are to breed excellent examples of the breed that are fit for function, suitable as family pets and working gundogs, or in another activity such as agility.

When breeding, we only use fully health tested parents to the kennel club requirements of the breed. However we do exceed the Dna tests required.  This ensures that we are continually striving to improve on the breed and most importantly breed healthy and happy puppies.

All of our our dogs are working throughout the shooting season from September on various shoots either picking up or beating. Wether we are rough shooting, field trialling or taking them for a walk, all of our dogs get the very best care and nurturing.

Nutrition is really important to us which is why we feed Arden Grange Dog food  and Butternut Box dog food. We wean all our puppies onto Arden Grange and all the puppies leave with a bag of suitable food and a puppy pack full of useful information. For information on our breeding and puppies visit our puppies page.