About Hannah

Hannah has a passion for gun dogs and as well as training people and their dogs she has her own dogs which she trains, works and competes as well as breeding as part of Rebelritsi Gundogs.

Hannah shares her home with a number of dogs and owns Labrador retriever, Spaniels and Vizslas and enjoys training the different variety of breeds within the Gundog group. Hannah has a good working knowledge of the dogs in the field and her background in working with gun dogs has led her to expand her interest over the years and build Rebelritsi Gundogs

Her increased knowledge and passion within this world led her to want to study with Lez Graham and become an Accredited Pet Gundog trainer to help follow her desire for a deeper understanding and knowledge in the training of people and their pet gundogs. Hannah understands that not all Gun dog owners want to work their dogs in the field or compete but enjoy it as part of their training with their dog and she knows how beneficial Gundog training is for both owner and dog.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your training, are looking for some fun with your Pet Gundog or aiming to have a dog for the shooting field, Hannah is understanding of both the owner and dogs needs. It is important to Hannah that both dog and handler find the training fun and enjoyable and it helps further build and enhance their relationship together what ever their end goal maybe.

Hannah offers a range of different grounds from open fields to woodland and water for people to enjoy when training their pet gundog. She also has access to ground with game during the shooting season for people that are interested in the working side of the Gundog.

Hannah offers regular classes and one to one sessions with training being tailored to suit people’s training ability levels and goals. Hannah has also been successful competing in HPR working tests.


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