Addaci Vad Fogoly for Rebelritsi

Sire: Pitypang Oporto of Gunfield (IMP HUN)

Dam: Pitypang Tipli for Addaci (IMP HUN)

Born: 06.05.10

DNA Tested Clear of the LH Gene
DNA Tested Clear of Cerebellar Ataxia
Hip Scored 5/6=11
Eye Tested Clear

Biba is a fantastic dog, both soft with a great nature but when out working very determined and has a great deal of natural ability. During the season, starting in September on Partridge and duck and the pheasants come October, she works on average 4/5 days most weeks on a large estate shoot picking up.

Biba had a fantastic litter of puppies in 2014, one of which, Ora,  we kept back with the intention of field trialling. We were so impressed by this litter, that we decided to have a repeat mating litter in 2016. This was successful and were born on Monday, 20th, June, 2016.

Hungarian vizsla puppies
2016 puppies