Dogs and Nutrition

Dogs and nutrition.

What you feed your dog has a direct impact on their health, their fitness and also their behaviour.

We’ve fed numerous different foods over the years to numerous different breeds. With two different breeds in our home and as a behaviourist working with a variety of different breeds, we’ve found that the best dry food available is Arden Grange.

Arden Grange offer a variety of different foods, designed as a complete diet for your dog. We currently feed three different feeds from Arden Granges dog food range, Performance, Large breed adult and Large breed puppy.

All the puppies we have bred are weaned onto Arden Grange. The whole litter have absolutely thrived on the food and are in tip top condition. During the pregnancy and after the birth, Biba was checked over by our vet and she commented on what a fantastic condition she had kept. Since the birth, over 10 weeks ago, Biba is back to full fitness and weight and we are sure that this is due to the quality of Arden Grange dog food.

We bred a litter of Hungarian Vizsla’s back in 2014. All the puppies were weaned and fed on Arden Grange. Some of the owners switched the food to other brands and found that the dogs coats became flaky or their behaviour changed by becoming bouncier. The only changes they had experienced was in their diet.

We were asked our opinion and immediately said switch them back to Arden Grange which they all did.nwithin a matter of days you could see positive changes happening and the dogs getting back to awesome condition.

We have athletes that work hard for us throughout the year training getting ready for either working tests or field trials or even just picking up and some weeks they’ll be working 3-5 days a week.mfor that we need them to be in peak condition in mind and body and Arden Granges range of dog food definitely ticks all the boxes for us. To top it off, Arden Granges history is one of a family run business with dogs at the heart of it. The contents of every bag of food can be traced back to its source which means should there be an issue, it can effectively addressed. The customer service we have experienced is second to none. We wouldn’t feed any other dry food to our dogs.

For more information you can visit our Arden Grange page or contact Arden Grange

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