Rebelritsi Boris


Sire: Csillaghegyi-Vadasz Dini for Addaci (IMP HUN)

Dam: Addaci Vad Fogoly for Rebelritsi

Born: 20th, June, 2016

Hereditary clear of Cerebellar Ataxia

Hereditary clear of the long hair gene.

Hip score: 5/4

Elmo is one of the pups that we breed and is the litter brother to Rebelritsi Berit aka Ziva. Unfortunately, the home he went to didn’t work out and he was returned to us after several months. Since then, he has absolutely thrived on training, retrieving and settling into the household. His drive is superb. He is incredibly soft and a gentle giant, albeit he can be boisterous. We have high hopes for his future.

Elmo managed to get 5th in a puppy working test at The Italian Spinone club on 24th June 2017Italian Spinone club WT

Elmo working with Beau (10 years old). Elmo has been back just over 2 1/2 months and is doing awesome!



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