Hungarian Vizsla puppies are here!

So day 61 arrives and the Hungarian Vizsla puppies are here!

We are really pleased to announce the safe arrival of our litter of Hungarian Vizsla puppies. 4 boys and 4 girls all arrived in 3 1/2 hours.

The puppies are:

  • Miss Pink: 376 grams
  • Mr Purple: 404 grams
  • Mr Orange: 350 grams
  • Miss Green: 354 grams
  • Miss Red: 322 grams
  • Mr Blue: 370 grams
  • Mr Yellow: 348 grams
  • Miss Black: 388 grams

The Dam is our Addaci Vad Fogoly for Rebelritsi – Biba and the Sire is Csillaghegyi Vadasz Dini for Addaci (HUN IMP) – Dini. This is an exceptionally well bred litter which is a repeat mating of our previous litter.

You can visit any of our other blog posts on the breeding and will will be doing a regular blog following their progress. If you’re interested in joining our waiting list you can contact us here or email us at


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