Hungarian Vizslas

Hungarian Viszlas are a breed of gundog, originally from Hungary and are part of the Hunt, Point and Retrieve group.

Our Hungarian Vizsla’s, although born in the United Kingdom, are directly from imported Hungarian dogs, imported by Jeanna at Addaci Vizsla’s.

To improve the breeding, we only use fully health tested parents. Although there is only one Kennel Club health test requirement for the Hungarian Vizsla, we do the following:

We use The Animal Health Trust for DNA testing. You can see the below PDFs for more information on hip displaysia and eye testing.


Our Hungarian Vizslas work throughout the shooting season on a large established estate shoot in Kent picking up. Biba has had one highly successful litter, one of which, Ora, we have high hopes for this coming season. Ora won her first puppy working test we entered her in.

For more information on our Vizsla’s please visit our dogs.