Puppies are nearly here

Puppies are nearly here!

Well Biba’s litter of puppies are nearly here. We like to make sure she is settled with her whelping box well before giving birth.  So this week we brought out the whelping box that we bought from Designer Kennels in Sheffield out. She is due on Wednesday next week, so this has given her a week from the due date to get comfortable with it.

Whelping bitches
Biba trying out her whelping box

Getting all the bits ready, we got our whelping kit all set up, the scales checked and double checked and our puppy book out and all to hand. Our puppy book is really important to us and every detail is recorded in this book for the time the puppies are with us.

The first page records all the parent information including reference number, chip and tattoo numbers and any other relevant information.

Then each puppy born gets 8 pages. A page per week of its life with us until they venture off to their new home. Here we record anything and everything including their weight, health, how they are and as they get older, all the introductions we do, including socialisations, both environmental and people or dogs. This helps us keep accurate records from start to finish.

Biba is just 6 years old and this will be her second and final litter. For more information on this litter or joining the waiting list please visit our contact page.

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