Puppies day 11

So we’ve reached puppies day 11 and what an 11 days it’s been.

The puppies are all doing well and are now approaching the stage of their ears and eyes opening fully. In about a week or so they will be really on the move.

Hungarian vizsla puppies
Day 11

All the puppies are very different, and watching them develop also allows us to see their different behaviours develop. It will be fantastic to see them continue to develop over the coming weeks.

The puppies are steadily putting on weight across the litter which is great. Although they are all different in size they are all taking on a good amount of milk and Biba is thriving on being a mum.

The pups are really trying hard to start walking and within a few days will really have developed that ability to stand up on all fours and start walking rather than semi walking and crawling.

The next few weeks will be busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have plenty of plans for things to do with them before going to their homes. We will continue to keep you posted as they develop.

Biba has been thriving on the Arden Grange Partner Plus wet food and loves it!

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