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Rebelritsi puppies

Puppy preparation is in full swing. Last minute preparations we are hoping against. This year whilst at Crufts working on a stand for a behaviour association we belong too, we took the opportunity to have a look around specifically for a whelping box. This year we decided we would replace the one we had used for the last few litters. After good look around and chatting to numerous stall holders we settled on the whelping box from Designer Kennels.

Designer kennels
Photo by kind permission of Designer Kennels.


We opted for some additional height and anti roll ball for inside. We settled on a 1m X 1.5m box.





Early impressions are fantastic. It is incredibly light weight and with just removing some screws we will be able to collapse it and store it nicely. It’s going to prove very easy to clean and be very higenic which is of paramount importance to us.

Croft puppy pen
Croft extra freedom 900 puppy pen



We also added an additional puppy pen and after researching we went for the Croft extra high freedom 900. We also purchased some extra sides to increase the overall size.


The usual whelping puppy collars are on their way, scales already just some of the finer bits to get and we are fingers crossed, good to go.

Biba is slowly getting fatter and having bouts of going off food which is normal during mid pregnancy stage. We have found that Biba likes going onto puppy food after about 4 weeks after mating, which is usually when she goes off food. We’ve switched her onto puppy food from Arden Grange.

Our puppy list is growing for new homes so if you require further information or would like to talk about being considered for a puppy please contact us via: info@rebelritsigundogs.com

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