ShooterKing Clothing

We are very pleased to endorse and recommend Shooterking clothing.

Hannah is proud to be a brand ambassador for Shooterking Clothing.

Whether out dog training, shooting, dog walking or just out and about, we are out regardless of the weather, so we truly do put clothing to the test. You can certainly rely on us for honest feedback. We only use what we are prepared to recommend.

As a professional hunting and outdoor clothing manufacturer in Belgium, ShooterKing have been engaged in the innovation of the highest functional performance designs for hunting and outdoor garments since 1993. It’s a trend that more and more outdoor trekking and hunting sport lovers prefer to multi-function wear with easier operation and easier care for them.

People also hope fashion elements are impregnated into their professional and multi-functions wear. These desires and inquiries encourage our teams to make outstanding products for the markets and the public.

We hope the nature lovers can enjoy their trekking, hunting and travels with SHOOTERKING® products. So wheather you want a suit for hunting, fishing or dog walking, ShooterKing definitely fits the bill.

We will be adding some reviews of Shooterking products in the future.