Shooterking rib stop trousers

I’m very lucky to be a brand ambassador for Shooterking. They are a clothing company supplying a variety of different items of clothing, predominantly designed for hunting, shooting and fishing as well as walking and climbing to name a few. 
I’ve been using the Shooterking rib stop trousers for a few months now.

During the winter months, I work my dogs on a large shoot in Kent as well as running an animal care and dog walking business throughout the year and helping my partner to run his dog behaviour and training company. As a dog walker I am out everyday in all weathers, from rain, snow and sleet and everything in between including sun, when we have it!

I have literally been living in the rib stop trousers daily, be it dog walking clients dogs, out training dogs or just mooching around.
 The rib stop trousers are comfy Cotton with stretchy knees that are pre shaped that work really well especially when kneeling. As with all the Shooterking trouser range, they have cargo pockets that are really roomy that are really well secured. They come with the standard hip pockets and knife pocket.

The extra special part of the trousers is that the cordura is impregnated with anti-mosquito and anti-insect repellant meaning that the bugs stay well clear. The cordura is rock solid and incredibly hard wearing coping with whatever you can throw at them including brambles, woods and puppies.
 Having just bred a litter of Hungarian Vizsla’s, they definitely put the trousers to the test. They loved hanging on to the legs and putting them through the mill. The cordura is really tough and the finish and attention to deal is superb.

The cost of the trousers is £79:99 plus shipping which for the features offers al value for money. You can see the Shooterking range and order direct from them at ShooterKing


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