Rebelritsi Berit

Sire: Csillaghegyi-Vadasz Dini for Addaci (IMP HUN)

Bitch: Addaci Vad Fogoly for Rebelritsi

Born: 20th, June, 2016

Hereditary Clear of Cerebellar Ataxia

Hereditary clear of the long hair gene.

Hip score: 4/8

Ziva is the little girl we kept back from our 2016 litter. The litter was a repeat mating, making her sister to Ora, so she has a lot to live up too.

It’s our intention to hopefully run her in tests and trials if she makes the grade!


Really proud that Ziva achieved 6th in her first working test at the Italian Spinone working test and then went onto achieve 4th in puppy at the Large Munsterlander club working test, both handled by Hannah.  Ziva also achieved a 2nd in puppy at The Norfolk and Suffolk Hpr club gundog working test. Hannah and Ziva went onto get another second at The Italian Bracco club puppy working test and then recently as well as the highest placed Hungarian Vizsla at the Hungarian Vizsla club puppy working test. Ziva continues to do well in novice receiving awards.

You can follow our blog following her progress, what training we are doing by visiting Rebelritsi Gundogs on tumblr

Pedigree for Rebelritsi Berit